استخدام برنامه نویس جاوا

دعوت به همکاری از برنامه نویسان جاوا در شرکت پیشرو فن آوری هماپی

دعوت به همکاری از برنامه نویسان جاوا در شرکت پیشرو فن آوری هماپی

تهران- میدان آرژانتین – خیابان بخارست ( خیابان احمد قصیر)

توانمندیهای مورد نیاز نیروهای درخواستی:

Java Developer calling for our payment startup

Mid/Senior Java Developer

Technology required:

·At least four years of experience in developing high quality code in Java

·A good grasp of software architecture and design patterns

·Have object oriented or functional programming in his/her DNA

·Friend with Spring framework

·Familiarity with JPA, Maven, Junit

·Enjoy and Familiar with the agile development processes

·Understanding OAuth and other authentication mechanism is a plus

·Knowledge of MongoDB or other NoSQL databases is a plus

·Understanding caching products such as redis and memcache is a plus

·Understanding Enterprise Service Bus is a plus

Personality required:

·Not a lonely bird. Someone that enjoys team working and office environment

·Have good communication skills

·Love to deliver quality software



A little bit about us:

Homapay is a well funded FinTech startup with a mission to change the payment experience on mobile devices. We are a mid-size team that are currently expanding our development department for exciting new green field projects.

We love new technologies, we work hard to deliver high quality software and we judge ourselves by the impact we make to the community and people we produce software for.

Interested or Curious?

لطفا رزومه‌های خود را با عنوان «جاواکاپ: شرکت هماپی» به آدرس cv AT javacup DOT ir و ایمیل نمایید. لازم به ذکر است دارندگان گواهی‌نامه‌های انجمن جاواکاپ در اولویت قرار دارند.

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